A collection of my most recent media appearances, interviews, and talks

Podcasts and talks

Here you can find a selection of webinars, conference talks recordings, and podcast interviews I’ve been invited to over the years.

Screenshot at Jan 28 19-15-08

Dubai Expo 2020 World Majlis: Digital Brain, digital morality

Getting high-quality data for your computer vision models

SheLeader Digital Conference: Humans in the Loop pitch

AI for Good: A discussion on addressing real-world problems with AI

The Superhuman Podcast: What would you rather be doing?

AI for Mankind: Ethical Data Labeling for AI with Iva Gumnishka

Powering the AI Industry with Humans in the Loop Workforce

Pipeline Conversations: Humans in the Loop with Iva Gumnishka

Swiss Cognitive: The role of leadership in the advancement of AI

Press coverage

Below is a selection of interviews and articles about me and my work at Humans in the Loop, including a couple of video interviews for the media. 

Who are the Bulgarian Women in Tech: a map with 30+ Founders

The Ethical AI Startup Ecosystem 02: Data for Artificial Intelligence

Bloomberg TV: How refugees in Bulgaria are working on AI

Forbes Bulgaria: A hybrid model with a social impact

HR Talks: Iva Gumnishka on building an impact-driven team

How ethical human-in-the-loop solutions power the AI Industry

Artificial Intelligence: How ML Jobs are giving refugees a future in tech

Top 25 women from the VC and Startup Ecosystem in Bulgaria

Yahoo News: Digital Lifeline for Refugees in Bulgaria and beyond